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Why is your written content underperforming?

The content production process is failing

Marketers are too busy to create detailed briefs

Writers deliver poor-quality content

The target audience of the pieces is off

Either way, if you're publishing low-quality content, you’re wasting money instead of investing it. An inadequate content delivery process is another way to pour your budget down the drain.

Poorly written content can lead to

A puzzled and frustrated audience

A bad image for your company

A burned-out marketing manager

A wasted content marketing budget

Our on-demand content team leads know how to organize the content delivery process and use your budget wisely. We will help you take advantage of a good text and avoid the possible financial losses of a bad one.

An on-demand content team lead can

  • Streamline the content delivery process
  • Prevent poorly written content from reaching readers
  • Take over content production to free up marketers for strategic tasks
  • Give your content writers feedback on their skills
  • Guide and educate the content team, investing in their expertise for years to come

A content team manager makes lives easier for

Marketing specialists

who have little experience and/or don’t know how to organize the content production and delivery process


who don’t have anyone responsible for content in-house

Marketing leads

who want to find out if their content team is performing well and what can be improved

Content teams

that want to develop their skills in delivering valuable content of all types and need guidance

Our content team leads ensure that

  • All content pieces are consistent in tone, structure, capitalization, punctuation, etc.
  • The texts don't contain grammatical, lexical, or stylistic errors
  • The language is clear and understandable, regardless of the complexity of the subject matter
  • There is a content schedule, and the authors and editors adhere to it
  • There is a style guide/glossary available to all content experts

Raccoon Writing content team leads have 5+ years of experience managing in-house and freelance content writers in creating various types of content for the tech niche: articles, blog posts, case studies, ebooks, white papers.

Our content team management services include

  • Providing guidance and tips on writing briefs (from the content perspective)
  • Giving recommendations for setting up processes and workflows within the content team
  • Maintaining standardization of works (according to the style guide)
  • Participating in the creation of a content strategy that aligns with the company’s goals (from the content perspective)
  • Participating in interviews, meetings, and stand-ups with marketers, designers, copywriters, CEOs, CTOs, experts, etc.
  • Coaching, mentoring, and managing the content team, from briefs and the first draft to edits and feedback
  • Managing subcontractors like freelance content writers, editors, and/or SEO specialists
  • Organizing and prioritizing work according to the content calendar, assigning tasks, and monitoring deadlines

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You deserve to have excellent content written in flawless English

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