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Tech companies need high-quality content

But it's not easy to figure out how to create it with the staff and budget you have. Raccoon Writing can help you set up an effective, chaos-free content creation process tailored to your marketing needs and resources.

From brief creation and writer skills evaluation to finalizing the draft, you’ll know how to do it right every step of the way!

What we examine

Content creation process

We’ll look at how your written content is created (from compiling the requirements for a text to approval and publication) and show you what changes you can make to get better results with the resources you have.

Brief templates

We can take a look at the briefs (or outlines) you're using and suggest improvements. We can also create brand-new brief templates for your internal content marketing team and external content writers.

Revisions and feedback

By examining your review process, we identify bottlenecks and show how to eliminate them. We also analyze examples of your work in progress and the feedback content writers receive at each stage.

Content writer skills evaluation

We’ve developed a Writer Skills Matrix that categorizes content writers into seven levels, from Zero to Senior Strong. The Matrix can become your go-to tool for assessing the skills of new hires and in-house writers.

You need written content creation consulting if

  • You put a lot of effort into content development, but the quality of the texts remains poor, leaving you wondering why.
  • The time it takes you to get from the first draft to publication is unreasonably long because the revision process requires numerous iterations.
  • Your communication with writers during the revision stages is ineffective: it seems like you speak different languages, and they don’t understand what you want from them.
  • Your cooperation with external writers is a nightmare: they don’t deliver the quality you expect, and it feels like you're throwing money out the window.
  • You have difficulty assessing the skills of your writers and are looking for an efficient evaluation system that will allow you to objectively determine their level of performance.

What the process looks like

1. You send us your request and fill out a questionnaire, which we'll give you if we need additional information.

2. Once we have discussed and agreed on the scope of our consulting services, we sign a contract.

3. You receive a consultation report that addresses all issues within the scope of services agreed upon in the previous stage.

4. We schedule a meeting to go over the report together and answer any additional questions you may have.


  • You'll learn how to improve your written content creation process so your efforts result in quality copy, not angst.
  • You'll know how to make the best use of your content marketing resources to get the best copy possible with your team and your financial resources.
  • You'll be equipped to provide constructive feedback on the content you receive, reducing the number of iterations it takes to complete a copy.
  • You'll gain a valuable tool to assess your writers' skills, leading to more effective team and content development management.

You can trust us

Our agency's success speaks for itself and proves that we know how to get things done the right way. With 5+ years of experience, Raccoon Writing has received positive reviews from many satisfied clients and earned recognition as a top written content creation agency.
We have extensive experience in establishing content development processes. Having worked with numerous marketing professionals, we know the challenges you face and understand the hidden pitfalls that may lurk in your workflow (some of which you may not even know about).
We have developed our own Writer Skills Matrix. This Matrix establishes universal criteria for evaluating a content writer's level of proficiency based on the copy they produce, ensuring that the evaluation remains consistent and impartial.

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On-demand content team leadership

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