Web frameworks

Logo for Angular


A frontend framework developed by Google as a complete rewrite of AngularJS. Great for creating web prototypes and rich single-page applications but is also frequently used for larger apps. While Angular has a great ecosystem and community support, the framework may be hard for beginners to master.

Logo for AngularJS


A discontinued frontend framework for building single-page applications, the predecessor of Angular. It was developed by Google, but as of January 1, 2022, Google no longer supports or updates AngularJS.

Logo for ASP.NET


A web framework for building web apps and services using .NET and C#. While ASP.NET works on .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core works on .NET Core and .NET 5+.

Logo for Django


A backend web framework for Python. It allows creating secure, scalable, and customizable websites and web applications. The framework can boast a user-friendly database management system and numerous helpful plugins.

Logo for Express


A backend web framework for Node.js. This easy-to-use and flexible framework has lots of middleware add-ons and a large community since it’s the de-facto default web framework for Node.js.

Logo for Flask


A backend web framework for Python. While it’s not the best framework for large, corporate solutions, Flask is quick and flexible. Since it’s the default framework for Python development, Flask has a huge following.

Logo for jQuery


A frontend library used for creating dynamic and interactive web pages in JavaScript. Though it was the first library that made web development easier, it’s not the best choice for large-scale web projects.

Logo for Laravel


A backend web framework for PHP. A powerful and effective framework, Laravel is great for developing web solutions of different sizes. Thanks to its short development cycles, engineers can develop robust web applications quickly.

Logo for React.js


A frontend JavaScript framework from Facebook that is exclusively flexible. The component-based architecture of React.js has made it a top web framework. React Native is the same framework but with native mobile development capabilities.

Logo for Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

A backend web framework for Ruby that’s easy to use for beginners. Since RoR was developed with simplicity in mind, the framework is great for rapid prototyping and fast web development.

Logo for Spring


A lightweight backend web framework for Java. Spring is one of the most popular Java frameworks that helps create secure, flexible, yet complex apps and handles all the configuration and infrastructure for the engineers.

Logo for Vue.js


A frontend framework for JavaScript. Vue.js is lightweight, which makes it easy to download and start developing right away. It also allows creating single-page web apps quickly.