Logo for Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova

A hybrid mobile app framework. It allows creating cross-platform mobile apps that run like mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Cordova is compatible with some JavaScript frameworks.

Logo for Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop

A framework used for storing and processing huge structured and semi-structured datasets (up to petabytes of data). Thanks to clustering (when several computers are clustered to process data in parallel), processing large amounts of information with Hadoop is fast and easy.

Logo for Deno


A runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. It was developed by the same team that developed Node.js as a way to fix its most prominent issues. Deno is more secure, has built-in TypeScript support, offers decentralized module hosting, but it still lacks the community support Node.js has.

Logo for Docker


A platform that allows developing, testing, shipping, and deploying software faster and more consistently. It allows packaging and running apps in so-called containers. Because Docker helps reduce the time between coding and production, it’s one of the primary tools of DevOps.

Logo for Flutter


A framework for creating multi-platform (web, Android, iOS, macOS, Wear OS) applications from a single codebase. Developed by Google, Flutter is open-source and easy to learn. It allows creating a fully custom UI that’s consistent across all platforms.

Logo for Git


The most popular software version control system. Git is used in projects of different sizes (including one-person projects), but it’s most useful for distributed teams that cooperate on a single project. It supports thousands of branches simultaneously and data integrity.

Logo for Keras


A high-level deep learning library for working with TensorFlow 2. Developed by Google, Keras is a developer-friendly library that makes implementing neural networks painless. It has a Python frontend (not the same as frontend in web, more like a way to interact) and numerous backend options (again, not the same as web backend), allows quick prototyping, and has a large user base.

Logo for Kubernetes


A container orchestration system (you can control where containers run) that allows scaling, deploying, and managing cloud-native applications automatically. Originally developed by Google, Kubernetes is compatible with Docker, Containerd, and CRI-O.

Logo for .NET Framework

.NET Framework

.NET is a platform mostly used for building and running C# applications. There are several implementations of .NET: 

  • .NET Framework — the proprietary Microsoft implementation that runs on Windows.
  • .NET Core — the open-source implementation of the .NET Standard. The last version was 3.1, and the further versions were renamed to .NET 5+.
  • .NET — (formerly .NET Core) the further development of .NET Core.
Logo for NumPy


A Python library that works with multi-dimensional arrays (containers of data organized in a grid). It has high-level mathematical functions for working with linear algebra and matrices. NumPy is fast and commonly used in other ML libraries, like Pandas.

Logo for Pandas


A Python library for data handling and analysis, often used in data data science and ML projects. It provides data structures and operations that help to manipulate data quickly and work with relational data.

Logo for React Native

React Native

A JavaScript framework for cross-platform application development (web, Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Windows, Oculus). It allows using the benefits of React.js coupled with the native components of different platforms (as opposed to web components) to create multiple apps from a single codebase.

Logo for TensorFlow


A framework for machine learning and artificial intelligence used to build and train deep neural networks and ML models. Its large ecosystem of tools and libraries allows creating, deploying, and debugging ML-based apps painlessly. Mostly used with Python.

Logo for PyTorch


An ML (deep learning) framework used for computer vision and NLP applications (including autonomous driving). PyTorch can boast dynamic computational graphs, a comprehensive ecosystem of tools and libraries, and speed, helping move the process from prototyping to production faster. It is used with Python.

Logo for Xamarin


A hybrid mobile app development framework that allows creating mobile Android, iOS, and Windows apps using a shared .NET and C# codebase. The applications developed with Xamarin have almost native performance, UI, and UX.