Cloud platforms

Logo for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A cloud platform from Amazon. The leader in the public cloud domain, AWS has a global network of data centers and is compatible with the most popular platforms. Its services and capabilities are excellent for large solutions that require vast computing resources.

Logo for DigitalOcean


A cloud platform from DigitalOcean, a popular virtual machine provider. This is a reliable and affordable cloud platform that focuses on software engineers as its primary audience. It offers them scalability and easy deployment for distributed applications.

Logo for Heroku


A fully managed cloud platform that meets the needs of individual developers, startups, enterprises, and students. Thanks to its ready-made environment, setting up the infrastructure takes little time and effort. It’s easy to use and offers over 150 add-ons.

Logo for IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

A cloud platform from IBM with a focus on telecommunications and financial enterprises. It integrates with popular open-source technologies (Redis, PostgreSQL, Docker, etc.), affordable and flexible pricing, and access to the Watson supercomputer — IBM’s advanced AI.

Logo for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

A cloud platform from Microsoft. Great for enterprises who already use other Microsoft services (Windows Server, MS Office, SQL Server, Sharepoint, .NET, etc.). It’s a secure and robust cloud platform for companies in healthcare, government, manufacturing, finance, retail, and other industries.

Logo for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud platform from Oracle Corporation. It can boast a simple yet reliable infrastructure and nice data visualization for analytics and forecasting. Oracle’s partnership with Microsoft gives users the multicloud and allows them to combine the best of both platforms.