Raccoon Writing Turns 5!

Amid the russian invasion of Ukraine, it's hard to say anything worthwhile but "Thank you."

Thank you to our clients who didn't cease their content writing activities even when marketing budgets went down.

Thank you to our writers who kept crafting content even under siege, in basements, in foreign countries far from their homes.

Thank you to our editors who always understood, supported us, and asked us to donate a part of their salary to Ukrainian funds.

Thank you to the new writers who joined our team in these turbulent times (to say the least).

Thank you to the students who understand how important improvement is and took up our course on content writing.

Thank you to all the family members who supported and believed in us.

And most importantly, thank you to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for being able to celebrate this day.

R W5 500x500.png

Looking at this photo of our team we took in December 2021, we just want to say stay safe and keep donating!


- Raccoon Writing Team