2020: The Growth No One Saw Coming

You know that feeling when you've gained weight after the holidays, and you're not even sure how that happened? Well, that's how we at Raccoon Writing feel. In 2020, we gained more clients and writers than ever, and we didn't even notice that until today.

I mean, sure, we felt how stressful and busy the last couple of months were, but we didn't have the time to properly calculate all the workload. And once we did, we were astounded at the volumes.

Here are some numbers (just to brag):

From Jan 1, 2020, to Dec 31, 2020, we’ve worked with 53 clients and delivered 695 pieces of content. While in January we wrote 28 works, in December, the number was 80. Our most prominent client ordered 94 pieces of content from us this year. Thanks, guys!

But none of that would be possible if it weren't for our Raccoon Team. In 2020, we've tried working with 69 people, only a few of which stood the test of Vita's edits (she's our editor in chief). Today, our team consists of 27 people:

  • 18 writers
  • 8 editors
  • 1 translator

Oh, and the Clutch rating was a complete surprise for us, too.

All in all, this has been one hell of a ride. Let's hope in 2021, we'll take the mistakes we made in 2020 and turn them into experience.


Happy New Year, everybody!