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for pro writers

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The content writing course you've been looking for

Maybe you're already writing content for a software development company.

Or, perhaps, you’re a freelancer only thinking about this brave new niche.

Either way, after you take this course, you'll be showing off your enhanced content writing skills.

Plus, you'll get comfortable with the exciting and profitable field of IT.

How do we know this?

At Raccoon Writing, we're constantly teaching our writers to improve. And that's how we deliver some of the best works in the industry to

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So, if you want to

  • Write content for IT
  • Improve your content writing skills
  • Navigate your way as a freelancer

Here’s how it goes

  1. You watch video lectures whenever you have the time (they’re available for 3 months).
  2. You read the Content Writer’s Handbook and take note because it’s packed with useful tips:
    • Writer's checklist so you don't forget anything
    • Weasel words and phrases so you keep your writing bullshit-free
    • Bucket brigades so your writing flow is smooth
    • Cutting down the word count for more succinct sentences
    • Landing page questions, Home page questions, case study questions for interrogating clients
    • Brief template so you get as much information as possible from clients
    • Example style guide so you can write one yourself
    • Tech glossary so you know how various programming languages, frameworks, and libraries differ
  3. You improve your skills by practicing what the course has taught you.

Who the course is for

The course is not for beginners

We created it for content writers who:

  • Have been writing content in English for at least a year now
  • Have the C1 English level and higher
  • Are excited about technologies and software development

Unfortunately, the course won’t be able to help you if:

    • Your English level is lower than C1 (upper-intermediate, intermediate)
    • You haven’t written content before for any industry
    • Your content skills are heavenly


After finishing the course, you will learn:

  • The ins and out of working as a content writer in an IT company
  • To understand tech jargon
  • To write valuable pieces of content
  • To always put your audience first
  • To identify plagiarism
  • To apply SEO best practices
  • To write articles, landing pages, case studies, and ebooks
  • To improve your writing on all levels
  • To write succinct sentences
  • To understand content briefs
  • To communicate with challenging clients
  • To appreciate feedback
  • To make a style guide
  • To work effectively
  • To organize your portfolio

And so much more!

It’s a challenging niche, but it definitely pays off.
The salary of a middle content writer in tech starts at $1,000.


Mentor Viktoria Bezsmolna

Viktoriia Bezsmolna

CEO and editor in chief at Raccoon Writing

10 years of experience in writing and editing for the tech niche.

After working as a technical writer, marketing, PR, and SMM specialist in IT, Victoria founded Raccoon Writing to focus on content writing for the tech niche.

Spoke at various meetups and the Forced Marketing conference , lectured at the Lviv Digital Marketing School , and is currently working on a joint course for the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Author of "10 Mistakes a Content Writer Can Make."

Loves comic books and Lego.

Follow Viktoriia on LinkedIn .


  1. Content writing for tech 101
  2. What you’re getting yourself into
  3. What you need to know about the tech niche
  4. What a marketing department in a tech company looks like
  5. Who assigns tasks to you
  6. Cooperating with people
  7. Marketing specialist, marketing manager, or content manager
  8. SEO specialist
  9. CEO and other C-level executives
  10. Subject matter expert
  11. Understanding and using tech jargon
  1. What’s good content? The purpose, goal, and value of content
  2. Understanding your audience
  3. The style and tone of your content
  4. Researching a topic
  5. When to stop researching and start writing
  6. Plagiarism, uniqueness
  7. SEO best practices
  8. Working with the text an expert wrote
  9. Transforming a recording into an article
  10. Writing without bullshit
  11. Working with numbers and stats
  12. UkrEnglish
  13. Blog posts vs. articles
  14. Writing Landing pages
  15. Writing the Home page
  16. Writing the About Us page
  17. Writing case studies
  18. Writing ebooks and white papers
  1. Writing levels (narrative, paragraph, sentence, word) and their principles
  2. Improving the flow with bucket brigades, consistency, and the active voice
  3. Writing succinct sentences and cutting fat
  4. What do you do if you’re over/under the word limit?
  1. Outlines/briefs and how to work with them
  2. Communication with challenging clients
  3. Feedback on your writing
  4. Making a style guide
  5. Organizing an effective writing process
  6. Burnout and writer’s block
  7. Freelancing vs. in-house writing
  8. What a good portfolio looks like


Video Course

990 UAH / 27 USD
  • 45 video lectures
  • Access for 3 months
  • Unlimited seats
  • Content Writer's Handbook


You can also pay via Payoneer or regular bank transfer. Please send an email to raccoon(at) if you'd like to pay using these options.

Unfortunately, no. You can only purchase the whole course.

Unfortunately, no. Once you've purchased the course, you can't get a refund.

You will have access for three months starting from the day you get access to the videos.

Since this is a course for improving your skills in writing content in English, the lectures will also be in English. But you can use Ukrainian or English when contacting us.

Yes, you can sign up from anywhere except Russia and Belarus. If you have trouble with global payments, please contact us at raccoon(at)

No, the number of applicants is unlimited.

Yes, it's aimed at writers either already working in IT or planning to enter the field.

No. But you must have at least 1 year of content writing experience since this is a Pro course, not for beginners.

You'll receive an email with a link to the course videos and the Content Writer’s Handbook in PDF. So be sure to leave a correct email.

Send your questions to raccoon(at) or just DM us on Instagram or Facebook.