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Are you a freelance content writer?

We’re looking for talented and experienced freelance content writers who love covering all things tech, speak (and write) impeccable English and are willing to work remotely.

We’d love to see your portfolio, if:

  • your English is Advanced and you despise Ukr-English
  • you’ve had experience writing for the tech niche
  • you know how to do your research, and we mean really digging deep
  • you care about your audience and always think of them when writing
  • you write easy-to-read, educational and even fun pieces people enjoy reading
  • you write pieces that provide value to the reader
  • you aren’t afraid of challenging assignments, enjoy learning new things and covering them
  • you know how writing for the Web differs from academic writing
  • you know how a blog post differs from a case study and why writing a landing page and an article requires different skills
  • you’re against plagiarism in any form
  • you’re okay with being paid an hourly wage

We cooperate with Ukrainian and international tech companies who want their content written by pros. While the core team is from Lviv, most of our writers are distributed across the country, which means that you can work from anywhere. Seriously, anywhere where there’s Internet connection.

Exciting assignments, a nice team and no work-related headaches guaranteed!

If you’d like to work with us, go ahead and leave you details below.

Thank you for your time! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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