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George Orwell’s Guide to Clear Writing: 6 Takeaways

George Orwell can hardly be named the founding father of modern content writing. Nevertheless, his ideas about language and communication are still relevant today. Especially for content writers. Let’s look at Orwell’s small (and certainly less famous than“1984” and “Animal Farm”) essay called “Politics and the English Language.” I bet you’ve ...
Edit Yourself Tips and Tricks for Editing Your Work_Raccoon Writing

Edit Yourself: Tips & Tricks for Editing Your Work

Remember that famous quote by Hemingway “Write drunk, edit sober?” Fun fact: it wasn’t Hemingway (it was actually Peter De Vries, and the quote didn’t even sound like that). But we’re not here for painstaking fact-checking. You see, even this bogus of a quote highlights the importance of editing when ...
How to Write a Blog Post Outline?

How to Write a Blog Post Outline? (Plus a Template)

You know how they say that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself? Well, if you tell a writer in detail what it is that you want, the result may exceed your expectations. Providing a copywriter or a content writer with a blog post outline ...

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