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Are you an IT company looking for help with tech content writing? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Raccoon Writing is a team of people who like clear, concise and easy-to-read content. Technology, software, mobile, apps are among our favorite topics to cover.

We offer

Article writing



Content audit

What we don't like is writing texts that are too corporate and vain, filled with "business" clichés like "utilizing extensive experience and holistic approach to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions and personalized experiences."

We’re super easy and comfortable to work with. And we cooperate with a tech consultant who makes sure our texts are always technically accurate.

Simply give us a topic, keywords and a deadline and expect an awesome article for your company's blog.

We work with

The team

MAs in English
Worked for major Ukrainian IT companies
Tech writing background
5+ years of experience in IT
2+ years of freelancing experience

The process

You offer a topic
You provide keywords
You set a deadline
We send you a clean copy

The deliverables

Snippet for Google
Snippet for social media

What we like to cover

Software development

Mobile development

Software reviews


Software outsourcing

Quality assurance

Business growth

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence

AR and VR


Connected cars

But we’re glad to cover other tech-related topics!

If you also think that tech content should be fun and easy to read, we'll definitely get along.

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Q: So, are you an agency or something?

A: No, we’re not an agency. At least for now. We’re just a content writing crew. You see, agencies offer a lot more services like developing content strategies, marketing campaigns, SMM, SEO. We don’t do that. Our job is simple: receive a topic with keywords and return a great article.

Q: So you only write for tech companies? How come?

A: Because technology is immensely interesting to cover. The way that it’s progressing is thrilling and inspiring. For us, writing about technology, new inventions and findings, theories and concepts is beyond exciting. We love learning about new gadgets, software development, mobile technologies, quality assurance, connected cars, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, IoT, machine learning and other tech stuff.

Q: Why did you start doing this anyway?

A: When working in the IT industry, we grew to love the sweet geekiness of tech. But the rigidity of corporate writing drained our enthusiasm. That’s why we started Raccoon Writing and focused on clear content writing for IT companies. Plus, we get to write about different topics every week. Isn’t that cool?